The Best Ultrasound Machines Approved by Veterinarians

More and more veterinarians are turning to ultrasound technology as their choice for quality diagnostics and imaging. Ultrasonography is faster, non-invasive, and far more accurate than radiography in evaluating internal organs and aiding in diagnosis. Ultrasounds allow clinicians to locate and pinpoint detailed information or review organ architecture. More affordable than ever, ultrasound machines are becoming the standard of care

Training Day

I would like to share a recent visit to an amazing clinic (I mean it goes without saying that every clinic I visit is amazing!) for ultrasound training. The Pets R Family Veterinary Hospital is in St. Johns, Florida where  Drs. Deckard, McDivitt,. Motycka and Hashey depend on their Samsung HS 40  to strengthen their commitment to quality veterinary

Measure What is Measurable

Let’s talk about measurements.  You are scanning and scrutinizing the organs for their echotexture, echogenicity, size, and shape and in doing so we are trying to determine normal or abnormal to give us some clue as to whether there is a disease process going on or not (remembering that some organs can appear normal sonographically but may still have disease).

Incorporating Ultrasound Into Your Veterinary Practice

Veterinary ultrasound units are becoming more popular in recent years, and for good reason. Diagnosing animal patients can be a tricky matter even in the best of times, and ultrasound can allow a “look inside” at soft tissue and abdominal organs that a conventional exam or X-ray may miss. Why Use Ultrasound For Veterinary Patients? Diagnosing veterinary patients quickly and

Who used the ultrasound machine last and didn’t clean it?

“Cleanliness is next to keeping your ultrasound system running a long and happy life” Okay so that is not quite how the saying goes but, you get the gist. I would like to address something that is SO very important but, a lot of times, gets overlooked and that is keeping your system clean.  Given the environment that we work

It’s Artifactual

The dictionary defines an artifact as “something observed in a scientific investigation or experiment that is not naturally present but occurs as a result of the preparative or investigative procedure.” In other words an artifact is something that shows up that you weren’t expecting and most times you don’t want it to be there. We have been throwing sound around

The Best Samsung Veterinary Ultrasound Units For Enhancing Workflow

At Choice Medical, we are the sole national distributor for Samsung’s Veterinary Ultrasound Systems and have provided veterinary services, large and small, with our extensive knowledge of these systems since 1991. We are here to help you find the perfect fit for your practice and are ready to work with you consultatively. We understand that your busy practice may be

School of Knobology, the saga continues…

Now there are a few other knobs/buttons among the many that the scanner can use to help with image optimization and garnering information from the ultrasound image. As you know, the amazing Diagnostic tool that you have is also used by the human medicine world and there will be settings that we will never utilize.  Once we identify those settings,

The School of Knobology

Remember the first time you ever saw an ultrasound machine? Boy, I sure do! It was an Acuson 128xp at the University of Florida Veterinary School in the early 90’s.. It was this giant rectangle on wheels that weighed a ton, had a little tv on the top that made pretty images of snowstorms (on film!), and had so many

Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk

Now a good share of you have already been scanning a lot and some of you just dabble. You have probably done some ultrasound labs and attended a few lectures, and even read some journal articles. Have you ever checked out YouTube? The one thing that you may have noticed whichever you have been exposed to is the lingo that

I bought this Ultrasound machine…now what?

Have you bought an ultrasound machine and now it sits in the corner and it is an expensive scrub jacket stand or towel holder? Or has that ultrasound machine become a fancy cysto or “I only use it to look for fluid” machine?   Your ultrasound machine is so much more!! It is my wish with this blog to give

Samsung Veterinary Ultrasound Systems and Quality

The Importance of Quality Ultrasonography is the second-most used imaging practice in veterinary medicine, and its quality is incredibly important to animal patients. It can be used to view the build of specific organs, evaluate pregnancies, and more - all while being a safe, noninvasive procedure without side effects. At Choice Medical, we understand the importance of having a clear

Weighing the Pros and Cons of More Expensive vs. Less Expensive Systems

Veterinarians across the country rely on ultrasound systems on a daily basis. These systems allow the veterinarian to diagnose and treat illnesses and injuries that would otherwise be impossible to detect.

Ultrasound systems are not one size fits all, however. Depending on the size and type of practice, along with where and how the equipment will be used, the type of system needed can vary greatly.

Choice Medical Systems provides veterinary practices the opportunity to choose from a wide range of ultrasound systems. This enables every veterinary practice, regardless of size and type of practice, to find the perfect system for their group.