5 Common Mistakes When Using a Veterinary Ultrasound Machine

cat getting an ultrasound from a female veterinarian

When using a veterinary ultrasound machine, you want to avoid mistakes and offer quality service to your patients. Avoiding mistakes can save you time and give you a return on investment for each quality service you offer. Here are some common mistakes that you can avoid when using a veterinary ultrasound machine:

  1. Lack of a Plan

    As a veterinarian, you need to have a plan to recommend ultrasound services to your clients and implement it in your practice. Investing in ultrasound equipment will help you offer better services as you assess and treat the animals. Using the equipment will give you a return on investment. However, the lack of planning in advance might lead to not using the ultrasound at all.

  2. Lack of Confidence

    Not having confidence can make you doubt your abilities and fail to perform the ultrasound even though you are qualified and capable. You need to have the confidence to recommend ultrasound services to your clients and implement it. You also need to be confident that you can successfully perform an ultrasound and give an accurate assessment. Confidence will increase your frequency of performing the ultrasound, and the more you use the machine, the more comfortable you will become using it.

  3. Not Understanding the Controls

    Trying to set up and press controls in the middle of an ultrasound can be tricky, especially when the animal is not sedated. When performing an ultrasound on an animal that’s not sedated, you will need to do it accurately and as quickly as possible. However, not understanding how the machine works and searching controls in the middle of the ultrasound can make the whole process complex.

  4. Lack of Training

    Lack of training can cause an inaccurate assessment of an ultrasound. As a veterinarian, you can invest in an in-person training with an instructor. The instructor will guide you through the various stages from simple to more advanced ultrasound. Training on how to perform an ultrasound on multiple organs and how to use the ultrasound machine will give you the confidence to recommend it and to perform it well. At Choice Medical we provide several training sessions. Sign up for an upcoming class today!

  5. Poor Image-Quality

    Producing poor images when using ultrasound can greatly impact on your assessment. Poor image quality can be caused by a lack of training on how to use the ultrasound machine. Most experts can easily produce high-quality images. However, if you are just starting out, frequent use and training will help deliver the best images. Most ultrasound systems produce the best images, but if you don’t know how to use it, the images might be fuzzy.


Common mistakes that typically happen when using an ultrasound machine can be easily avoided. Having a plan and implementing it confidently as well as getting trained can help prevent these mistakes. Knowing how to operate the veterinary machine and using the preset functions will help you save time. Contact our team today to sign up for a class or ask about our Samsung Ultrasounds and other products. We provide honest, accurate, and knowledgeable information and are excited to serve you!