What to Look For When Buying an Ultrasound Machine

Ultrasounds are a crucial tool in veterinary medicine, and as such, it’s important to buy a machine that will meet your needs. With applications in many specialties, an ultrasound machine is a wise investment for any medical practitioner. You might struggle to find a suitable device for your needs with the vast array of options on the market. Consider these key features if you’re contemplating a new ultrasound machine for your practice.

Five Factors to Consider

When buying a new ultrasound machine, consider these essential factors.


Of course, any new equipment for your medical practice is an investment. When buying an ultrasound machine, you should consider the cost of the machine over its lifespan, not just the upfront price tag.

Instead of simply opting for the cheapest option, consider how price relates to the longevity, functionality, and maintenance of the machines you consider. Should the device require new parts, consider the availability of these parts and their costs. Based on the significance of this piece of equipment to your practice, buying a cutting-edge system rather than a cost-effective version might be the better option.

Image Quality and Power Output

Wave frequency and power output are vital metrics for weighing options between machines. These features determine the ultrasound imaging quality and how you will use your ultrasound machine.

The frequency of ultrasound waves is inversely proportional to the penetration depth, meaning lower wave frequencies have imaging capabilities with more detail and depth.

Power output relates more to patient comfort than function. Since higher power outputs can burn the skin’s surface, opt for an ultrasound system with the lowest possible power output.

Applications and Practice Needs

Where and when you use your ultrasound machine is a critical consideration that impacts the importance of other factors.

If you think you will primarily use your machine to diagnose emergency situations, you might need a faster, higher-caliber machine. Frequent use and application to sensitive areas of pet’s bodies will require a device comfortable for the technician and patient.


A portable ultrasound machine can be a significant asset to any medical space. If emergencies require high-caliber imaging technology like ultrasound, the ability to perform bedside treatment with a portable system is crucial.


A broken ultrasound limits your ability to provide quality medical care to patients who require immediate treatment. Therefore, purchasing an ultrasound machine with a comprehensive warranty policy and highly available replacement parts ensures that your practice can continue providing care even in the event of a breakdown. Remember that an extended warranty covering additional features and replacements is also critical to lowering maintenance costs for your system.

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