The Best Ultrasound Machines Approved by Veterinarians

More and more veterinarians are turning to ultrasound technology as their choice for quality diagnostics and imaging. Ultrasonography is faster, non-invasive, and far more accurate than radiography in evaluating internal organs and aiding in diagnosis. Ultrasounds allow clinicians to locate and pinpoint detailed information or review organ architecture. More affordable than ever, ultrasound machines are becoming the standard of care across the field, from general practices and emergency clinics, to specialty hospitals and universities.

When considering different ultrasound systems, there are several factors to determine which system is right for your practice. With the wide variety of machine types available, it may be helpful to consider how you plan on using the tools and which diagnostic features you’ll need for your unique needs so you can make an informed decision. To help you select the right ultrasound machine, we have outlined the different types of ultrasound machines and why they’re generally accepted among clinics. 


The smaller size and mobile design of some ultrasound machines make them easy to carry throughout your practice or even offsite. Whether you’re a specialty hospital or a general practice, compact machines are great for niche practices and open up possibilities for specialties like equine, marine and beyond. Compact systems such as the Samsung HS30, HS40, HS60, HS70A, RS80A or Ibex® Evo can improve a practice’s efficiency and workflow by saving time and adding convenience. Compact designs allow these machines to collapse, freeing up more valuable space. The flexible features and simple, streamlined design of these machines make them easy to adjust to a variety of scenarios and unique practice needs. 

Some machines such as the HM70A or the Ibex® Evo run on extended battery power, which can be helpful for reliability for those who may not have access to power or need to travel from site to site. 

Appropriate Probes 

Ultrasound probes (or “transducers”) are the part of the device used to send waves into the patient and produce echoes and images. Different practices may require different types of probes based on the size or type of animals they treat.  Universities or specialty practices may need a wide assortment of probes paired with their machine to meet the practices’ versatile needs.  

Convex or micro-convex probes such as the CF4-9 or the CA2-8AD are a great choice for most patients and can be used on smaller animals to scan their hearts. Large-animal practices may prefer the larger-radius CA2-8AD probe for more penetration and scope. 

Clinics treating smaller animals such as cats or rabbits may find smaller probes with high frame rates more useful. Linear transducers are useful for small dogs, cats, or smaller pets and targeting superficial organs at a high resolution. Powerful transducers like the LA4-18B or LA3-16AD provide a close look at the GI or intricate body parts. 

Phased array probes such as the P3-8 allow for advanced cardiac imaging and work great for scanning hearts in both large and small patients. 


One major factor in selecting the right ultrasound machine is cost. We can help you find the best system for you based on your practice’s budget and needs, whether refurbished or new, simple or more sophisticated. The Samsung HS40 and HS60 offer high-quality versatility and ease of use while remaining affordable. These systems are a great choice for those newer to ultrasounds or with lower patient volumes, while maintaining reliability and excellent resolution.   

Refurbished systems are also a great choice for any industry, from large to small animal, specialty, and beyond. We at Choice Medical distribute machines from several manufacturers that go through our 23 point refurbishment process at all price ranges and can guide you toward the system that is best for your practice. Refurbished is also a great option for practices who are looking to see if ultrasound is a good fit for their hospital.


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