The Best Samsung Veterinary Ultrasound Units For Enhancing Workflow


At Choice Medical, we are the sole national distributor for Samsung’s Veterinary Ultrasound Systems and have provided veterinary services, large and small, with our extensive knowledge of these systems since 1991. We are here to help you find the perfect fit for your practice and are ready to work with you consultatively.

We understand that your busy practice may be looking for ways to improve workflow while providing the best possible care for your four-legged patients. Improving workflow will allow you to spend more quality time with your patients, improve patient outcomes, avoid errors, and avoid burnout.

Every veterinary practice is unique with differing patient needs and budgets. We at Choice Medical understand, and we have compiled a list of the best Samsung Veterinary Ultrasound Systems that can help your practice enhance patient care and work more efficiently. We also provide training for each of these units.

The Samsung RS80A with Prestige has a special emphasis on workflow and convenience.

With its folding monitor, swivel lock, and tilting touch screen, the Samsung RS80A is ideal for aiding workflow and creating a smooth and flexible experience during a variety of scanning procedures. Its console features a simplified design that streamlines the interaction of its systems. Its 6-way control panel is adjustable, allowing the clinician to avoid repetitive physical stress while working. The control panel can be returned to its home position when off, improving mobility.

A 23-inch LED display offers high resolution and clarity, making it versatile in any light level. Image quality is enhanced by the Samsung Crystal Architecture, S-vue transducers, and unique beamformer technology saving valuable time diagnosing difficult patients.

The Samsung HS70A with Prime is another great unit for improving workflow.

The Samsung HS70A with Prime is silent as it operates, allowing physical exams at the same time. Its mobile design makes it easy to move in a variety of situations and its adjustable console can be moved in all four directions. Clinicians can customize its U and P keys to adjust workflow to their unique needs. A touch screen offers efficient use of the ultrasound system.

A large 23-inch LED display provides high-level image contrast and several advanced measurement tools help provide a quick and efficient diagnosis of abdominal lesions.

The Samsung HS40 is an affordable choice and easy to learn.

With its friendly interface, the HS40 is easy to learn, which reduces the time needed for training. When space is needed, its compact design is a must. Thanks to its low noise level, physical exams can be performed at the same time the unit is running. Its soft typing keyboard allows for quick use of the unit.

The Samsung HS40 offers a fully customizable annotation menu which greatly improves workflow. EZ Exam allows the clinician to create and use predefined protocols which creates a quicker, streamlined process.

The Samsung HS60 Ultrasound Unit is also affordable and versatile.

Thanks to Samsung HS60’s gas lift, this system, plus its monitor arm, can be adjusted easily to a clinician’s desired height without the time and effort needed to do so manually. The HS60’s 21.5″ LCD monitor can be used in any lighting condition, and its low noise level allows physical exams to be performed while the unit is in use, including auscultation.

Measure navigation improves the accuracy of measurements while EZ Exam merges several ultrasound investigation steps into a single process, allowing users to create a fast, convenient way to diagnose patient conditions.

The Samsung HM70A With Plus is fast and reliable.

This unit can be turned on quickly, powering on from an off state in only one minute and from a sleep state in just 14 seconds, reducing the wait needed to use the unit. Its battery allows the Samsung HM70 With Plus to run for 3.5 hours, allowing its use in a variety of conditions. A clinician can perform physical exams while the unit is running thanks to its low noise level, and its sensitive 15-inch touchscreen allows for easy and efficient interaction while an exam is taking place.

The EZ exam feature reduces repetition by streamlining several steps with the use of a single button, while the ergonomic keyboard makes annotations a breeze. Elastoscan can detect solid masses in tissue, reducing the need for further palpation.

Contact us at Choice Medical to get a quote today and take the first step towards streamlining your practice. We are here to give you one-on-one attention and help you choose the right ultrasound unit for your unique practice.