The Benefits of Portable Veterinary Ultrasound Systems

Ultrasound technology is one of the most vital tools used in veterinary medicine. Also called sonography, ultrasound uses sound waves that bounce off the body’s internal structures, forming an image on the screen.

Ultrasound evaluates and diagnoses many health issues, including injuries and liver, kidneys, and heart issues. It also detects many problems throughout the abdomen, from cysts and tumors to infection and blood flow efficiency.

Portable veterinary ultrasound systems have become a part of everyday practices for many veterinarians. What benefits do portable ultrasound systems offer?

Faster, More Accurate Diagnosis

For many illnesses and injuries, ultrasound is the most effective diagnostic tool. From colic and stomach torsion to kidney blockages and circulation issues, you can more easily identify many abdominal conditions with ultrasound.

Increased Patient Comfort

Whether injured or ill, many animals are uncomfortable and afraid in veterinary offices, so anything that makes the process easier is beneficial.

With a portable ultrasound system, you can take your office to the animal, allowing for much less invasive and stressful testing. Small handheld probes record the sonography images, send them to your tablet or smartphone, and eliminate the bulky equipment and scary noises that alarm patients.

Saves Money and Generates Additional Revenue

Not only does portable ultrasound save your veterinary practice money by eliminating the need for outside radiology testing, but it also generates additional income for your practice.

With veterinarians and assistants trained in the use of ultrasound machines, you can offer portable ultrasound as a chargeable service, allowing animal owners a more economical alternative to scheduling testing elsewhere for their animal.

Patients in Remote Locations

Veterinary offices are generally small, making it difficult for larger patients such as horses to come in for an appointment or emergency. In other cases, a patient in a remote location may be too ill or injured to move. A portable ultrasound is beneficial in these cases.

Veterinarians can travel between patients large and small no matter where they live and provide them with accurate diagnostic testing. Portable veterinary ultrasound allows veterinarians to carry this valuable diagnostic tool everywhere, from animal sanctuaries and zoos, race stables, farm stables, and even house calls.

Consulting with Radiologists

Portable ultrasounds also give veterinarians the ability to consult with other radiologists quickly. Often, a fresh pair of eyes and specialty skills are necessary for a proper diagnosis.

With portable ultrasound, you can quickly reach the most skilled radiologist or medical specialist via telemedicine and email to read and interpret scans in minutes instead of hours or days.

Ultrasound Machines from Choice Medical

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