How Onsite Veterinary Ultrasound Training Can Benefit Your Practice

Ultrasonography is a versatile tool in veterinary medicine. Unlike X-rays, which typically provide an overall picture of the area, ultrasound enables vets to examine internal organs in precise detail. Veterinarians can use ultrasound to identify internal abnormalities in sick animals and diagnose a wide range of conditions in pets. As technology advances and gets cheaper, more portable, and more powerful, an increasing number of veterinary clinics are purchasing in-house ultrasound machines to assist them in accurate diagnoses so they can provide both quicker and better care for patients.

An ultrasound machine is one of the most advantageous purchases you can consider for your veterinary practice. In order to get the most value for your ultrasound system, any veterinary practice that purchases an ultrasound should consider investing in specialized training for all veterinarians on staff. Read on to learn more about the benefits of onsite ultrasound education and training

Receive Hands-On Training

Despite ultrasonography’s popularity and effectiveness, ultrasound education for medical and veterinary students is often limited during schooling. Fewer than half of U.S. medical schools give students the option to perform hands-on ultrasound examinations. Conducting ultrasound exams requires hands-on training and knowledge. 

The right course is crucial to learn how to make ultrasound diagnoses with confidence and accuracy. When you invest in on-site training, you can ensure that the veterinarians at your animal clinic will learn the best practices for an ultrasound with the specific technology they will be using in the office.  

Provide Better Care for Your Clients’ Pets

Before purchasing ultrasound equipment, many veterinary practice owners want to evaluate their potential return on investment based on the demand from current clients. Diagnosing an illness using ultrasound rather than other imaging modalities, such as CT scans and MRIs, is cost-effective and more low-risk. 

Providing ultrasound service for pets in your clinic affords you the opportunity for more clients and a better relationship with your existing ones. Pet owners of course want to feel confident in their veterinarian’s knowledge and skill and will feel the most trusting of a veterinarian who uses the most advanced modalities. Because ultrasound is so versatile, the opportunity to explain the science behind ultrasonography and its various clinical benefits will give you a chance to showcase your knowledge and understanding of animal care to clients. This could lead them to be more likely to recommend your practice to their friends, family, and colleagues.

Find Onsite Veterinary Ultrasound Training Today

Choice Medical Systems offers both onsite training and educational seminars to provide you with hands-on ultrasound experience.  Through basic training, learn how to recognize an ultrasound case, incorporate ultrasound into their practice, and how to create a study for someone to interpret the five main abdominal organs. Through intermediate training, learn the normal and abnormal appearance of all abdominal organs, scanning techniques, and machine controls necessary to create a high-quality diagnostic image, measurements, and consistent scanning protocol.  

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