How to choose a veterinary ultrasound for pregnancy scanning

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The use of ultrasound for pregnancy scanning is necessary for anyone in animal practice. It is overwhelming to identify a suitable ultrasound considering there are various types with different prices. Read on and learn factors to consider when choosing the best for scanning pregnant animals at your practice.

Pregnancy Ultrasound Scanning for Veterinarians

The use of ultrasound is one of the most evolving technologies in animal diagnosis. A veterinarian uses ultrasound to determine fetal age as well as identify the number of fetuses in the uterus. Such an assessment helps detect the pregnancy in its early stages and offers more accurate information compared to typical manual palpation. 

What to Consider When Choosing a Veterinary Ultrasound for Pregnancy Scanning

The Size and Type of Animals You Are Scanning

In case you are purchasing an ultrasound machine to scan toy breed dogs and cats, go for a scanner that has a micro convex probe. Such a machine is suitable because the animal’s abdomen is relatively small. Consequently, if you go for a larger probe, it might not be practical. Moreover, the ultrasound waves will not be traveling far. Therefore, transducers with higher frequency will produce higher quality images.

In case you are planning to use the machine to scan larger canines, you should purchase a machine that can scan at lower frequencies, approximately from 6MHz and below. These large convex probes can capture a comprehensive image on the screen in a single sweep. For large breeds, you can get the best results if you use machines with large convex probes. Nevertheless, one with micro convex can also be used.

The Probe or Transducer

As highlighted earlier, the transducer determines the quality of the image you will get. Currently, there exist electronic probes that contain multiple crystals. Such transducers can focus and shape the ultrasound beam more effectively, providing better resolutions. It is also important to consider the material used to construct the transducer. The best material is one that is well insulated to protect the probe from interference.

Moreover, the probe requires a backing layer to shorten the pulse length and dampen ringing. It should also contain a matching layer to enhance effective transmission and preserve the ultrasound waves’ sensitivity.  Such components will enhance the final image quality.

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Where to Purchase the Machine

At the end of the day, you have to settle on somewhere to purchase your ultrasound machine. With our vast level of experience across so many different markets and manufacturers, we’ve found Samsung to continually have the best image quality, ease of use, and pricing. Their systems are of high quality and will rarely malfunction. 

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