The Next Big Thing In Veterinary Ultrasounds

dog getting an ultrasound

Veterinary Ultrasound, or sonography, is becoming increasingly important in animal healthcare. More vets are performing ultrasounds on cats, dogs, horses, and any other animal patients. The market for ultrasound equipment has grown, and so does the technology. Sonographers are looking for the best imaging system to stay ahead of the rising demand for animal ultrasound services.

The growing use of Ultrasound in the animal healthcare

Ultrasound has become cheaper and more portable compared to other advanced imaging technologies such as CT and MRI. It is also easier to use since it is non-invasive and non-radiographic, and many vets can now affordably perform sonography in the comfort of their own hospital. The number of veterinarians performing ultrasounds is likely to increase in 2021 as more people are seeing the incredible value of this technology.

Requirements for ultrasound technicians

Are you contemplating a career in veterinary medicine? You will notice that many colleges and universities offer vet-related programs. Many of these programs include courses in diagnostic imaging or Ultrasound. Additionally, the Veterinary Support Personnel Network (VSPN) is encouraging vets to train for sonography.

Are you a practicing veterinary professional already? You can take continuing education courses offered in the numerous colleges and universities across the country. You will be increasing your diagnostic capabilities by adopting this powerful tool. Operating an ultrasound and obtaining the perfect images requires training, although you don’t need to be a vet.

Ultrasound tools and equipment

A sonographer can only be as efficient as the ultrasound system they use. This means that a successful career in imaging requires the best imaging machine you can find. If you wonder where to start in the journey to acquire the best Ultrasound, you could try devices from Samsung by contacting our experts at Choice Medical Systems.

Featuring innovative technology and high-end imaging capabilities, Samsung ultrasounds are the ideal partner for veterinary diagnostic imaging services. These imaging devices boast the best image quality available, meaning they provide more accurate images for better diagnosis than other brands.

Samsung’s ultrasounds are also spearheading the integration of cutting-edge technology. You can expect wireless connectivity and streamlined workflow in all of their systems. Such features will enhance its functionality and provide faster and more accurate diagnosis. 

More energy-efficient Ultrasound

Our systems use solid state harddrives as well as low noise and heat filters to ensure a quiet and comfortable scan room. This leads to longer lasting ultrasounds and less money spent on repairs. 

We also offer technical classes and help you to choose the best Ultrasound for you. If you need more information, please contact us or request a quote