purchasing an ultrasound

Deciding which ultrasound machine to purchase for a medical or veterinary practice is a big decision. You’ll have to consider several factors to secure the best product for your money, as there are a huge variety of top-quality options on the market. However, making the right choice means that practices can offer the best care to their patients, especially with a dependable machine that offers valuable information on what the patient or an animal needs.

In this guide, Choice Medical Systems, Inc. goes over five things to consider when shopping for ultrasound equipment. Read more, then call us for help choosing the perfect fit for your practice!

#1 Which Patients Your Practice Serves

One of the first things to think about is the type of patients your practice helps. Do you provide medical care to large dogs or for smaller dogs, cats, and even smaller creatures? This factor will affect the size and type of machine you need, along with how much you might want to spend on it.

Animals and humans alike receive the best care from their medical providers when they have access to the right size machine. Checking the health of dog and cat pregnancies requires certain ultrasound frequencies and machine settings. Does your practice serve one kind of animal or a whole variety of furry clients?

#2 New vs. Used Products

You could save money by purchasing a used machine if you find a vendor that has excellent deals. Some manufacturers only offer new products, but older machines could work just as well. You can even use the money you use to upgrade your practice or invest in other areas of care you want to incorporate.

Some veterinary practices use a refurbished human ultrasound machine instead of an animal-focused one. They can usually adapt to a veterinarian’s needs and often work just as efficiently. Some of the more precise customization options could be unavailable, but it’s still a vital consideration.

If a human medical facility switches to newer equipment, the veterinary practice could even get an ultrasound machine at a lower cost. Overall, your product, new or old, should power up and perform tasks quickly and efficiently.

#3 Features and Add-Ons

Some machines will help your patients more than others. Whether you’re looking for clear, precise imaging, easy-to-move monitors, dual screens, or something else, there are options. Where one practice may want a more basic product, you should keep in mind that you can always choose the add-ons you need before purchasing a piece of equipment.

Are you looking for detailed results from your ultrasounds? Will you run more standardized tests? Consider how you’ll provide care to your patients; you don’t want to realize after the fact that you’re missing features that you’d find in a competing product.

Extra items can cost more but pay themselves off as they help your practice do its best work. You can also determine which machine functions you’re unlikely to ever use to rule some options out. Why not discuss your ultrasound choices with others in the facility for some more insight or chat with experts like Choice Medical Systems, Inc.?

#4 Payment Options

Even if you’ve found the right machine, you still need to think about how to pay for it. Will you purchase your new machine outright to strictly avoid extra costs? Some distributors offer financing options, but you’ll likely spend more as you accumulate interest.

Leasing is a third option to consider, as you’ll still have the opportunity to work with lenders in the future. Veterinary practices that might want to avoid pursuing another loan should think about a lease as a smart financial decision. However, this will depend on your situation.

#5 Advanced or Basic Equipment

Is your practice comfortable with standard machine features, or will purchasing an advanced system pay off? This is essential to consider, as some machines may operate in black and white while the latest high-end models use color! You will need to satisfy the minimum requirements for a veterinary practice’s ultrasound machine, which includes general diagnostics, but there’s much more on offer to customize your purchase.

For example, if you’re often caring for pregnant animals, you might need a machine capable of delivering detailed information about the mother’s or fetus’s health. You may also require extra storage and data management that older machines won’t include.

Finally, think about whether presets would help your practice and streamline the care you provide to your patients. For scanning and monitoring purposes, presents could vastly improve your practice.

Compare Your Options and Client Needs

Bearing these tips in mind, you’ll still only get the best piece of medical equipment for your money by taking the time to research your options. Consider your budget, the needs of your patients, and how your practice operates as a whole. You can also check out what the competing practices in your area are doing and see what sets your approach apart.

It’s also wise to look into the vendor and their reliability before making a purchase. If your machine ever needs servicing, you want to know that you’re not stuck with broken equipment and can get a fast response. Also, think about the following:

  • Customization options
  • How you’ll purchase the machine
  • Product speed
  • Portable vs. stationary machines

If you’re unsure where to begin, reach out to Choice Medical Systems, Inc. We listen to your needs and consider your budget to help you find the best medical or veterinary ultrasound machine for your practice at fair prices.

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