Ultrasound CE Training

Medical imaging is a critical part of any veterinary practice. Implementing ultrasound technology allows doctors to provide more accurate diagnoses and treatment plans, but the most effective use of advanced equipment begins with proper training. Providing ultrasound CE training to technicians ensures that the team is up-to-date on how to use the equipment correctly.

South Pasadena, FL-based Choice Medical System, Inc. provides in-depth client education opportunities to help veterinary staff get the most from their medical imaging equipment and understand how medical advancements in technology can help them provide better service to patients. Our range of veterinary ultrasound courses and technician training opportunities make it simple for practices to stay on track and use ultrasound machines correctly and safely. 

Why Veterinary Ultrasound CE Training Matters 

Providing ultrasound (US) CE training and education for your veterinary practice staff is more than an opportunity to teach them how to use vital equipment. Our courses provide in-depth training on how to get the most from the machines and perform testing that produces the clearest and most accurate views. 

Our client education offerings offer additional benefits to your team members and practice as a whole. Some of the additional advantages of veterinary ultrasound courses include the following.

Meet Continuing Education Requirements

Most states require vet techs to complete a minimum number of continuing education hours yearly to maintain their licenses. Choice Medical Systems Inc.’s technician training courses fulfill those requirements. The training courses also meet Registry of Approved Continuing Education (RACE) program requirements, ensuring vet techs have the credits they need to continue practicing.

Streamlined Practice Management 

A well-trained staff streamlines practice operations and ensures every patient receives the highest quality care. Employees who are up-to-date on the latest medical advances, know how to use technology, and can implement the best techniques and procedures can take some of the workload off the doctors’ plates, supporting a more efficient practice.

Additional Employee Benefits 

Technician training and education are sought-after employment benefits. Allowing your team to build upon their skills — and learn new ones — shows that you value them and see they have growth potential. When the budget prevents offering large pay increases, employer-sponsored continuing education is a welcome and affordable alternative that helps support employee satisfaction and contribute to increased profits for the practice. 

Improved Patient Satisfaction 

Choice Medical Systems, Inc. is your practice’s partner, and we want to help you achieve excellence in veterinary care. By providing comprehensive client education, we support animal care practices in making the most of their investment in medical imaging equipment and create a better patient experience. Knowing the advanced techniques for using ultrasound equipment allows your technicians to perform more efficient and accurate testing to guide an effective treatment plan.

Choice Medical Systems, Inc. Client Education Options 

We offer several ultrasound CE training options as part of our commitment to providing clients with the best medical imaging technology. These veterinary ultrasound courses provide technicians with the skills to be effective in any practice setting. 

Basic Ultrasound Class 

The Basic Ultrasound Class gives technicians an in-depth introduction to incorporating ultrasound into the veterinary practice and performing basic scans. Sponsored by Samsung, the class includes seven hours of online independent learning and seven hours of hands-on skills training at an onsite location.

Topics and skills covered in the basic course include:

  • How to recognize when an ultrasound is necessary 
  • How to create an ultrasound study for interpretation
  • How to develop and follow a scanning protocol
  • How to perform ultrasound studies of five major organs 
  • How to refine images using specific knobs 
  • How to take measurements 
  • How to assess a trauma case with ultrasound
  • How to identify normal tissue 

Technicians who complete the course earn 14 RACE credits toward their annual continuing education requirements and have the skills to perform basic ultrasound scans in a veterinary practice. 

Intermediate Ultrasound Class 

The Intermediate Ultrasound Class builds on the skills learned in the basic class, with a greater emphasis on diagnosis. Students complete 10 hours of online learning and eight hours of hands-on training in this veterinary ultrasound course. 

The curriculum in the intermediate ultrasound class includes:

  • How to difference between normal and abnormal appearance of abdominal organs, including the pancreas, adrenal glands, and lymph nodes
  • How to maintain a consistent scanning protocol
  • How to perform advanced measurements
  • How to create the clearest and most accurate images
  • How to develop the most accurate scanning technique
  • How to perform ultrasound-guided aspirations and biopsies

In addition to hands-on training, students in the intermediate class review case studies to develop their skills further. Upon completion of the intermediate ultrasound class, students earn 18 RACE credits to apply to their recertification. 

Who Teaches the Class?

Danielle Mauragis, CVT, VTS-DI, is the lead instructor for Choice Medical System’s Inc. veterinary ultrasound classes. She brings more than 30 years of experience in diagnostic imaging from the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine, where she performed and taught a wide array of diagnostic imaging methods. A Board-Certified Veterinary Radiologist, she’s the author of several books on veterinary radiology and imaging procedures. 

Get the Most from Your Medical Imaging Equipment

Based in South Pasadena, FL, Choice Medical Systems, Inc. provides diagnostic imaging equipment, including veterinary ultrasound machines, to practices nationwide. We are an approved retailer of equipment from top manufacturers, including Samsung, Siemens, Toshiba, Phillips, and GE, and we sell both new and used machines. 

In addition to selling medical and veterinary equipment, we provide service and preventive maintenance on all the medical equipment we sell, as well as education and ultrasound CE Training for clients. Our expert team helps you get the most from your investment in medical equipment and maintain a thriving practice. 

To learn more about training options for your veterinary technicians, reach out to Choice Medical Systems, Inc. to explore options and sign up for classes. Call (727) 347-8833 to speak to one of our team members and get started. Learn more today.