Portable vs. Console: Which Is the Better Veterinary Ultrasound Machine?

Ultrasound machine

Our pets are not able to tell us exactly what’s wrong when they are ill. Fortunately, we have diagnostic tools available to help determine the source of a pet’s health concern. An ultrasound is a non-invasive, gentle way for vets to assess and diagnose issues with an animal’s internal organs. In fact, ultrasound imaging is the second most frequently used format in most veterinary practices. 

If you are a veterinary practice planning to invest in an ultrasound system, you will need to choose between a console ultrasound machine and a portable ultrasound machine. Each system has benefits and drawbacks. The best choice for your practice depends on the intended uses of clinical applications. 

Ultrasound technology enables clinicians to provide a quick and accurate diagnosis and deliver the best possible care. Read on to find out which machine might best serve the needs of your practice and patients. 

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Console Ultrasound Machines

Console ultrasounds generally offer better image quality and higher resolution than their portable counterparts. However, recent studies show that portable ultrasound systems are often in agreement with the diagnostic findings of higher-end console ultrasounds

Best for Advanced Imaging

Whether you want to opt for a console ultrasound largely depends on the range of applications and diagnostic services your practice offers. If you or a colleague plan to utilize advanced imaging technologies such as contrast ultrasound or elastography, a console system may be a worthwhile investment. 

Consoles Require More Space

If space is an issue at your practice, be aware that most console systems take up around 2’ x 2’ of space. Consoles are mounted on a wheeled trolley for easy transport between rooms. Be sure to have adequate space to operate and store a console ultrasound

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Portable Ultrasound Machines

A handheld or portable ultrasound device usually includes a probe that connects to a smartphone or tablet. These compact, lightweight devices are especially useful in emergencies. When an animal is critically ill or injured, a portable ultrasound allows the vet to provide a quick assessment and diagnosis. 

Portable Systems for Point-of-Care Ultrasound

Portable ultrasound systems have many of the same diagnostic features as the larger console systems, but they are easier to maneuver and store. Even better, many portable ultrasound systems can operate on battery power. This feature allows diagnosticians to examine and treat animals offsite. 

Portable ultrasound systems enable doctors to administer point-of-care medical treatment out of the hospital, in a wide range of settings, which opens new streams of revenue. If you plan to create a point-of-care niche within your practice or offer ultrasound imaging to other facilities, a portable system would be an excellent investment. 

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Portable and console ultrasound machines offer an excellent return on investment. The frequent necessity of use in diagnosis and treatment means that the ultrasound quickly pays for itself over a short time. By providing point-of-care or in-house ultrasound, you are offering an invaluable service to your clients and their animals. 

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