Top 10 Reasons to Go With Portable Ultrasound Equipment

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Medical technology is improving every day. Portable ultrasound machines are at the forefront of innovations in emergency medicine and other areas. From the diagnostic process to treating various conditions, handheld ultrasound equipment is ideal in critical care units, cardiac and vascular practices, and more.

If you are considering a portable ultrasound system for your office, here are the top ten reasons to go with one.

1. Increased Convenience

Traditional ultrasound machines lack portability, so patients must travel for an available machine, even if they are sick enough that they should not be leaving their homes.  Handheld machines remove the inconveniences of immobility and allow doctors to bring ultrasound technology to patients, making diagnosing and treating them easier. 

2. Comprehensive Diagnostic Method

Portable ultrasound systems are a comprehensive diagnostic tool. They allow OB-GYN doctors and other medical professionals to employ 4D imaging capabilities, monitor different body systems, and more. Doctors can ensure correct diagnoses thanks to system flexibility.

3. Enables Real-Time Evaluations

Many medical clinics require an appointment for an ultrasound, but portable ultrasound machines give an in-depth look into a patient’s body processes in real-time. Your practice can become more productive and provide better insights into patients’ immediate needs.

4. Saves Patients Time

Portable ultrasound equipment can travel to those in critical condition, providing doctors with the necessary information to make fast, time-sensitive decisions. Additionally, their convenience and ease of use reduce appointment lengths to save patients time.

5. Provides Accurate Diagnoses and Treatments

Portable ultrasound machines have excellent image quality, making it easier to see what happens in the body. Handheld and mobile models are equally as accurate as traditional ultrasound equipment.

6. Less Expensive Than Traditional Machines

The costly downside of traditional ultrasound machines makes portable devices a more attractive option. A handheld system only costs a few thousand dollars, whereas a conventional machine can be in the hundred thousand range.

7. Obtain More Clients

Patients want the best, most accurate care. With the many benefits of portable ultrasound machines, you are sure to draw in more patients. With suitable investments, you can open new practices and make portable ultrasound care more accessible.

8. Compete with Local Practices

The interest in a portable option may bring more patients to you. A mobile ultrasound system is an attractive advantage against other practices. Mobile systems sport high-quality sensors, allowing for more accurate diagnoses than other doctors.

9. Take Samples or Perform Injections Accurately

Handheld equipment allows doctors to perform biopsies and injections with extreme accuracy. Ultrasound technology is one of the top choices to ensure success at the right site.

10. Serves the Community’s Needs

The unique nature of the medical field means doctors must have flexible tools to care for a diverse range of patients and their needs. Only portable ultrasound equipment meets this demand.

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Portable ultrasound equipment helps doctors provide the accessible care they need. At Choice Medical, we stock the best equipment to facilitate timely yet accurate diagnoses and treatments for patients across the medical field.

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