10 Features to Look for in Veterinary Ultrasound Equipment

choice medical veterinary ultrasound features

Looking for high-quality, reliable veterinary ultrasound equipment can be overwhelming. However, the list below of 10 features to consider when purchasing an ultrasound machine should give you a better understanding of what to look for:

 Image Quality

 The images your ultrasound equipment shows are of the utmost importance. They should be clear for superficial images and deep tissue scans alike. It is also important that the equipment offers high-quality resolution for spatial and contrast imaging. Great image quality will lessen the learning curve and give you more diagnostic confidence.

 Size and Ease of Use

 Consider the size of your exam rooms, hallways, and operating rooms. What size machine could your staff easily maneuver? In addition, how easy is the ultrasound equipment to use? Is the screen adjustable and can the technician compare previous scans to the current scan? A machine that’s easy to use means a faster and more comfortable experience for the patient as well.

 Warranty and Replacement Parts

 Before making such a large purchase, determine the extent of the warranty for the ultrasound equipment and what exactly it covers. How long does the warranty last, what type of services are included, and what replacement parts are covered?

 Continuing Education Modules

Does your vendor include continuing education modules outside of the initial setup? This can be extremely useful to improve your scanning skill set if you have new staff, or simply need a refresher course.

 Reporting Systems

 Many ultrasound units already have intuitive on-boarding reporting systems and customizable layouts. An important feature to consider is export compatibility, so anyone in your office, an offsite specialist, and pet owners themselves can easily access reports.

 Specialized Features

 What specialized features can be included in your chosen ultrasound system? Advanced users will want the latest and greatest features such as Micro-Vascular Flow, LumiFlow, and Shearwave Imaging.

 Automatic Image Optimization

 Many machines offer automatic image optimization as a standard feature, but be sure the options are curated for your office’s needs. This feature is crucial and can make using the ultrasound more efficient by simply pushing a button to optimize the images.

 Equipment Created for the Veterinary Market

 It is important that the ultrasound technology you are investing in and the operating system the equipment functions on is created specifically for veterinarians. This can mean asking what presets are included in the equipment’s package, as the images are shown will automatically adjust for the patient’s species.

 Refurbished Models

 There are plenty of excellent options to purchase a refurbished ultrasound machine, saving you a significant amount of money. Just make sure there is a comprehensive warranty included and a scheduled maintenance plan. 


 There is more to consider than simply what you will pay upfront for the cost of the equipment. Will your budget allow outright purchasing or is leasing a better option? What delivery, maintenance, or support fees will you be required to cover? Including these line items in your budget will prepare you for the true total cost of the equipment.

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