Small Animal Diagnostic Ultrasounds

As a veterinarian, it’s not always easy to diagnose what is ailing an animal. In problematic cases, small animal diagnostic ultrasounds offer several advantages. Seeing the animal’s internal organs in real time gives you a stronger chance at an accurate assessment. 

Innovative ultrasound machines give you portable imaging options for small animal critical care. The high-frequency sound waves reflect off the interior parts of the animal’s body to produce an accurate picture.

Samsung Veterinary Ultrasound Machines

Samsung veterinary ultrasound machines offer unmatched usability, affordability, and image quality. Samsung offers ultrasound machines at price points for every budget. Features include:

● Articulating monitor arm with swivel

● Capacitive touch panel with wide LED screen

● Software display that is customizable and interactive

● Hard keys with interactive backlights and trackball

● High-fidelity stereo speakers

● Gel warmer option

Samsung has worked hard to deliver a superior imaging experience for ultrasound scans. Their compact designs save space while offering advanced tools for cardiovascular, abdomen, and small parts to assess the smallest animals. Get quantitative measurements, novel diagnostic features, and cutting-edge performance from Samsung veterinary ultrasound equipment.

E. I. Medical Veterinary Ultrasound Machines

You can use E. I. Medical animal diagnostic ultrasound machines on both large and small animals, including aquatics and exotics. Manufactured in the USA, E. I. Medical ultrasound machines offer a superior level of customer service and unique features that make them a top choice for many veterinary teaching programs.

E. I. Medical veterinary ultrasound machines offer stellar features like:

● Advanced imaging software

● Water-resistant, easy-clean surfaces

● Customized veterinary exam presets

● Binocular goggle headset option

● Enhanced field of view

● A broad range of imaging modes

● Fully portable, lightweight design

Choice Veterinary Ultrasound Machine

The Choice Veterinary Ultrasound offers everything you want in small animal diagnostics. From the easy-view archive system to the comprehensive measurements and report system, the Choice machine offers flawless workflow. A quality machine for small animal imaging, this ultrasound machine offers:

● Easy-to-use one-key presets

● Tiltable monitor for various viewing angles

● Longer usage life and lower eye fatigue with LED monitor

● Color doppler technology

● Multiple applications: urology, OB/GYN, vascular, pediatrics, abdomen, cardiology, small parts

● Tissue harmonic imaging

● Speckle reduction algorithm

● Compound imaging

 Refurbished Veterinary Ultrasound Machines

Choice Medical is pioneering tested, quality small animal ultrasound machines. Our 21-point inspection ensures that you receive a quality ultrasound machine at a reasonable price. Choose from over 280 ultrasound systems in multiple brands and models. Our refurbished machines bring you exceptional value. 

When you purchase from Choice Medical, we offer hands-on instructional classes to help you learn a new ultrasound machine quickly. You can also access ongoing blog posts that answer many of your questions to help you make the best decision for your veterinary practice.

Veterinary ultrasounds are non-invasive, cost-effective, require no anesthesia, can be used over and over, and produce images with great clarity. Most importantly, an ultrasound causes little distress to small animals.

Contact Choice Medical Systems at 727-592-5668 to let us pair you with a small animal diagnostic ultrasound machine that suits the unique needs of your veterinary practice.