Samsung HS70A with Prime

Improve Efficiency

The HS70A was designed with premium performance for all applications in mind. The high quality imaging and reinforced workflow ensure greater efficiency and diagnostic confidence.

Highlighted Features

21.5 inch LCD monitor (LED backlight unit) | Robust Cardiac Performance

2 Year Warranty | Low noise | Training Included | Emphasis on Workflow

Ergonomic Design

23 inch LCD monitor (LED backlight unit)

To enhance the image, the HS70A with Prime features a 23-inch full high-definition (FHD) LED display, delivering superior image contrast on a large ultrasound display.

Silent Operation

This exceptionally quiet device allows physical exams to be performed, including auscultation, while the ultrasound system is turned on.


The design of the HS70A with Prime makes it easy to move in any situation.

veterinary samsung ultrasound HM70 Plus

10.1-inch touchscreen

The 10.1-inch touch screen is exceptionally sensitive and makes operating the ultrasound system smartly efficient.

User-friendly console design

Customizable U and P keys allow users to create a workflow tailored to their needs. The console also can be adjusted up, down, left and right so each user is ensured the optimal location.


S-Shearwave detects the velocity of the shearwave propagated through the targeted lesion and displays the numerical measurement of stiffness In kPa or m/s together with a Reliable Measurement Index (RMI)*. S-Shearwave has the potential to reduce the number of conventional liver biopsies by providing quantitative tissue characteristic information.

*Reliable Measurement Index (RMI): An indicator that computes the reliability of the calculated stiffness to support the selection of optimal measurements.

Advanced measurement tools

By simply clicking the suspected area, S-Detect™ draws the lesion area and provides the characteristics of the lesion and a recommendation on whether the lesion is benign or malignant.

S-Detect™ for Thyroid uses the advanced technology based on *K-TIRADS, RUSS and ATA draft in detecting and classifying suspicious thyroid lesions semi-automatically. This state-of-the-art technology helps you diagnose your patients with confidence and ease, providing accurate, consistent results and an automatic reporting feature.

* K-TIRADS: Korean-Thyroid Imaging Reporting and Data System
ATA: American Thyroid Association

E-Thyroid™ uses pulsations from the adjacent Carotid Artery and provides an assessment of thyroid lesions.

E-Strain enables quick and easy calculation of the strain ratio between two regions of interest in day-to-day procedures.

Samsung’s NeedleMate+ incorporates the highest technology of needle targeting, precisely visualizing the area for veterinarians performing common fine needle aspirate procedures and ultrasound guided cystos. Designed to meet the needs of all veterinary professionals, and those seeking to provide premium care for their pets.


A diagnostic ultrasound technique for imaging elasticity, ElastoScandetects the presence of solid masses in tissues and converts any stiffness into color images.

Auto IMT+ is a screening tool to analyze a patient’s potential risk of cardiovascular disease. It allows easy intima-media thickness measurement of both the anterior and posterior wall of the common carotid by the click of a button. This simple procedure enhances exam productivity and adds diagnostic value.

Panoramic imaging displays an extended field-of-view allowing users to examine a wider area. Panoramic imaging also supports angular scanning with data acquired from the linear and convex transducer.

Strain+ is a quantitative tool for global and segmental wall motion of the left ventricle (LV). In Strain+, three standard LV views and a Bull’s Eye are displayed in a quad screen for easy and quick assessment of the LV-function.

Preventive actions

Arterial Analysis™

Arterial Analysis detects functional changes of vessels, providing measurement values such as the stiffness and intima-media thickness. Since the functional changes occur before morphological changes, this technology supports the early detection of cardiovascular diseases.

Image clarity

Stress Echo

The S-Vision Beamformer receives returning signals through a sophisticated digital filtering system resulting in reduced side lobes, less noise, and artifact.

Hs70A ultrasound image


This new harmonic technology makes a clearer image – near to far.
Reducing signal noise, S-Harmonic provides more uniform ultrasound images.


Imaging becomes Even Better with S-Vue™ transducer

(Single Crystal Technology)

Employing an innovative crystal design, The S-Vue™ transducer provides more efficient piezoelectric properties, resulting in wider bandwidths for increased depth penetration and higher quality resolution on even the most challenging patient.

Hs70A ultrasound image
Hs70A ultrasound image

In addition, the ergonomically designedS-Vue transducer fits well in the hand and is easy to handle.

Hs70A ultrasound image
Hs70A ultrasound image

Compatible Probes



  • Large Animal Abdomen
  • 68° FOV
  • Frequency: 2 – 8MHz
samsung ultrasound probe



  • Small animal abdomen, Heart
  • 92° FOV
  • Frequency: 4 – 9MHz
samsung ultrasound probe



  • Small Animal Abdomen, Small Parts
  • 37.5mm FOV
  • Frequency: 4 – 18MHz



  • Cardiac
  • 90° FOV
  • Frequency: 2 – 4MHz

Samsung Veterinary Ultrasound Systems empower physicians with greater diagnostic confidence and efficiency thanks to cutting-edge imaging technologies designed for accuracy and portability.

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  • S-Vue and S-Vision are not function-names but stand for Samsung technology of premium image performance.
  • In Canada and USA, a recommendation for whether the result is benign or malignant is not applied.

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