Samsung RS85 with Prestige

Bringing peace of mind to your hospital and patients

RS85 Prestige has been revolutionized with novel diagnostic features across each application based on the preeminent imaging performance. The advanced intellectual technologies are to help you confirm with confidence for challenging cases, while the easy-to-use system supports your effort involved in the routine scanning.

Highlighted Features

Training Included | CrystalBeam Technology | CrystalPure Technology producing sophisticated 2D & Color Images
13.3 inch Tilting Touch Screen | 2 year warranty

A Revolutionary Change in Advanced Diagnostics


23.8 inch 13.3 inch WideScreen provides approximately 23% more lateral viewing information compared to normal screen, allowing ultrasonic examination with wider view at a glance.

6 way Control Panel

The 6 way adjustable control panel optimizes your work environment to reduce repetitive motions stress. When it’s in off-mode, the control panel returns to the home position, allowing for easier and enhanced mobility

Central Lock

A single pedal controls a central lock mechanism to conveniently secure the console in place. This results in more efficient movements while the user is performing scanning procedures.


13.3 inch Tilting Touch Screen

Samsung’s tilting touch screen can be adjusted to accommodate user’s viewing preferences within any scanning environment.

Touch Customization

A customizable touchscreen interface that allows the user to move frequently used functions to the first page, keeping the focus on the patient instead of the system.

Maneuverable Wheel

4 swivel wheels allow easy steering, and a locking function.

Sophisticated 2D & Color Images Processed by CrystalPure™️

shadow hdr on and off

ShadowHDR™ selectively applies high-frequency and low-frequency of the ultrasound to identify shadow areas where attenuation occurs.

HQ Vision

HQ-Vision™ provides clearer images by mitigating the characteristics of ultrasound images that are slightly blurred than the actual vision.


PureVision™ is an image processing function that outputs with a good uniformity and clear image by performing speckle noise suppression and edge enhancement on B-mode.

MV Flow

MV-Flow™ visualizes microcirculatory and slow blood flow to display the intensity in color. It is suitable for observation of microcirculatory and volume of slow blood flow.

*Optional Extra


The function uses directional power doppler technology, enabling you to examine even the peripheral vessels. It displays information on the intensity and direction of blood flow.


LumiFlow™ is a function that visualizes blood flow in three dimensional-like to help understand the structure of blood flow and small vessels intuitively.

*Optional Extra

Enhanced Productivity and Facilitated Workflow

Collaborative solution and streamlined workflow of the RS85 Prestige will support your daily procedures by reducing keystrokes and by combining multiple actions into one.

SonoSync™️ *

SonoSync™ is a real-time image sharing solution that allows collaborative communication for care guide and training between doctors and sonographers. In addition, voice chatting and real-time marking function are provided for efficient communication, and the MultiVue function is included to monitor multiple ultrasound images on a single screen.

*Optional Extra



EzPrep™ is a function that automatically selects the transducer based on the worklist inputted in the ultrasound system and sets the Preset of the selected transducer.


RIS Browser

RIS Browser is a function that improves the workflow in the hospital by allowing access to RIS through the browser embedded in the system for the post process without need to move to the PC after scanning.

lady looking at ultrasound

Advanced Intelligence for Reliable Assessment


HRI (Hepato Renal Index) is an index to quantify steatosis of a liver by comparing echogenicity between liver parenchyma and renal cortex. EzHRI™ places 2 ROIs on the liver parenchyma and renal cortex and provides HRI ratio.

*Optional Extra


TAI™ (Tissue Attenuation Imaging) provides quantitative tissue attenuation measurement to assess steatotic liver changes.

*Optional Extra


TSI™ (Tissue Scatter distribution Imaging) provides quantitative tissue scatter distribution measurement to assess steatotic liver changes.

*Optional Extra


S-Shearwave Imaging™ allows for non-invasive assessment of the stiffness of tissue/lesions in various applications such as breast, liver, MSK and prostate. The color-coded elastogram, quantitative measurements, dual or single display option, and user-selectable ROI functions are especially useful for the accurate diagnosis of breast and liver diseases

*Optional Extra

sdetect breast

The feature, which analyzes selected lesions in the breast ultrasound study and shows the analysis data, applies BI-RADS ATLAS* (Breast Imaging-Reporting and Data System, Atlas) to provide standardized reporting; and helps diagnosis with the streamlined workflow.

s detect thyroid

The feature, which analyzes selected lesions in the thyroid ultrasound study and shows the analysis data, provides standardized reporting based on the ATA*, BTA*, EU-TIRADS* and K-TIRADS* guidelines and helps diagnosis with the streamlined workflow

Precise and Convenient Interventional Solutions

RS85 Prestige provides a broad range of precise fusion, guidance, and dedicated tools to support healthcare professionals strengthen their confidence in operating interventional procedures.

s fusion liver

S-Fusion enables simultaneous localization of a lesion using real-time ultrasound in conjunction with other volumetric imaging modalities. Samsung’s auto registration helps quickly and precisely fuse the images, increasing efficiency and reducing procedure time. S-Fusion enables precise targeting during interve

• Matching Auto
• Positioning Auto

*Optional Extra

s-fusion prostate

S-Fusion™ for Prostate allows precise targeting during prostate biopsies. Based on 3D models created with MR data sets, S-Fusion™ for Prostate provides biopsy guidance to help safely navigate and target the prostate.

• Auto Calibration
• Deformation Correction
• 3D Modeling

*Optional Extra

Compatible Probes

Comprehensive sets of transducers satisfy exquisite imaging across wide range of applications. Samsung transducers reflect ergonomic design as a vital component, resulting in reduced muscle fatigue from ordinary use.



  • Small animal abdomen, Heart
  • 92° FOV
  • Frequency: 4 – 9MHz



  • Small animal abdomen
  • 58° FOV
  • Frequency: 3-10MHz



  • Small animal abdomen, superficial imaging
  • 37.5mm footprint
  • Frequency: 4-18



  • Cardiac
  • 90° FOV
  • Frequency: 1-5MHz



  • Cardiac
  • 90° FOV
  • Frequency: 4-12MHz



  • Cardiac
  • 90° FOV
  • Frequency: 3-8Mhz

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