The Mindray DP-7™ ultrasound system offers a wide range of clinical capabilities that promote a higher level of performance and diagnostic confidence. When you combine excellent image quality with the system versatility and intelligent workflow, it equals great productivity.

The system is designed to fit your clinical needs today and to grow as patient requirements or clinical applications evolve.


  • 15″ LCD monitor
  •  Pulse Wave Doppler
  • Color/Power
  • HPRF
  • Shared Service Package
  • Three Transducer connectors
  • 320 hard disk for image storage
  • iBeam Spatial Compound Imaging
  • iClear Adaptive Speckle Suppression Imaging
  • iTouch Auto Optimization
  • Phase Shift Harmonic Imaging
  • Trapeziod Imaging
  • B Steer Imaging
  • Imaging Modes: B/2B/4B/M/B+M
  • iStation Patient Information Management System
  • 8 Segment TGC
  • Three USB Ports
  • (1) VGA Port
  • (1) S-Video Port
  • (1) Ethernet Port
  • Measurement & Calculation Software Packages



  • DICOM 3.0
  • iClear Adaptive Speckle Suppression
  • IMT
Mindray DP-7

Mindray DP-7