Samsung RS85

Because in the end, outstanding patient care is what really matters

At Samsung we know your patients are your number one priority, and providing them with answers quickly and accurately are key to improving patient outcomes and satisfaction.The RS85 design reflects Samsung’s promise to always put the patient first.

Highlighted Features

Uniquely Powerful Imaging | Low noise | Cutting-edge Performance | Emphasis on Workflow

23 inch LCD monitor (LED backlight unit) | 5 Year Warranty | Training Included

Streamlined Workflow

Quick preset

With one touch, the user can select the most common transducer and preset combinations.

Touch customization

Samsung has made a customizable touchscreen interface that allows the user to optimize the layout of the tablet interface, enabling focus on the patient instead of the system.

13.3-inch Tilting Touch Screen

Samsung’s tilting touchscreen can be adjusted to accommodate any user’s viewing preference within any scanning environment.

veterinary samsung ultrasound RS85


EZ-Exam+ enables the user to create and store optimized and preferred protocols within the tool. Hanging protocols allow the user to capture images and corresponding measurements in their preferred ordered and send the images in a different, predetermined order.

Advanced Ergonomics

6-way adjustable control panel allows you to optimize the position of the system to help reduce repetitive motion stress.

Gel Warmer

Samsung’s two-level adjustable gel warmer keeps ultrasound gel at a comfortable temperature.

Exquisite Image Clarity

With the S-Vision imaging engine built into RS85, the digital signals produce clear, detailed resolution and tissue uniformity for various types of applications in general imaging.

This new harmonic technology improves image clarity, near to far. Reducing signal noise, S-Harmonic provides more uniform ultrasound images. Combined with the S-Vue transducers, S-Harmonic takes RS85 image quality one step further.


HQ Vision is a new, advanced technology for visualizing anatomical structures.With improved image clarity, this feature helps make a reliable diagnosis quickly.

EZ-Exam+ transforms the ultrasound investigation into a well-organized streamlined process. EZ-Exam+ enables the user to create an efficient diagnostic environment storing optimized and preferred protocols within EZ-Exam+

The noise reduction filter improves edge enhancement and creates sharper 2D images for optimal diagnostic performance. The integration of specialized Samsung technology results in a notable improvement in image quality. In addition, ClearVison provides application-specific optimization and advanced temporal resolution in live scan mode.

Comprehensive Selection of Transducers


S-Vue™ transducers

CA1-7A curved array – this workhorse transducer provides outstanding resolution and penetration, even on your high BMI patients.

CA3-10A curved array – this smaller footprint, high-frequency transducer is perfect for pediatric and obstetric patients.

CV1-8A volume curved array – provides outstanding 2D, 3D and 4D abdominal and OB/GYN imaging.

Advanced diagnostic tools

S-Shearwave detects the velocity of the shear wave propagated through the targeted lesion and displays the numerical measurement of stiffness In kPa or m/s together with a Reliable measurement Index (RMI)*. S-Shearwave has the potential to reduce the number of conventional liver biopsies by providing quantitative tissue characteristic information.

The S-Vision Beamformer receives returning signals through a sophisticated digital filtering system resulting in reduced side lobes, less noise and artifact.

MV-Flow offers a novel alternative to Color Doppler for visualizing slow flow microvascularized structures. High frame rates and advanced filtering enable MV-Flow to provide a detailed view of blood flow in relation to surrounding tissue or pathology with enhanced spatial resolution and temporal resolution.

S-Fusion enables simultaneous localization of a lesion using real-time ultrasound in conjunction with other volumetric imaging modalities. Samsung’s Auto Registration helps quickly and precisely fuse the images, increasing efficiency and reducing procedure time. S-Fusion enables precise targeting during interventional and other advanced clinical procedures.

CEUS+ technology uses the unique properties of ultrasound contrast agents. When stimulated with low acoustic pressure, the oscillating microbubbles reflect both fundamental and harmonic frequency signals. In addition, Samsung’s technologies, VesselMax and FlowMax, provide a clear visualization of vessels and blood flow for a more informed and confident diagnosis.

S-Detect for Breast helps standardize reporting and classification of suspicious breast lesions byincorporating BIRADS® ATLAS* (Breast Imaging-Reporting and Data System, Atlas) into the tool.When the user selects a region of interest, S-Detect for Breast automatically defines the lesion boundaries,provides lexicon classification options, and images export for an enhanced and streamlined workflow.

S-Detect for Thyroid uses the advanced technology basedon K-TIRADS, RUSS and ATA guideline* in detecting andclassifying suspicious thyroid lesions semi-automatically.This state-of-the art technology helps you diagnose yourpatients with confidence and ease, providing accurate,consistent results and an automatic reporting feature.

Arterial Analysis detects functional changes of vessels,providing measurement values such as the stiffness,intima-media thickness and pulse wave velocity of thecommon carotid artery. Since the functional changes occurbefore morphological changes, this technology supportsthe early detection of cardiovascular disease.

S-3D Arterial Analysis simplifies volume measurementof arterial plaque, providing 3D vessel modeling.With Samsung’s S-3D Arterial Analysis, obtaining informationon the arterial plaque volume is surprisingly fastand easy even on difficult patients. In addition, it allows youto track the morphological changes of the artery.

Compatible Probes



  • Large Animal Abdomen
  • 68° FOV
  • Frequency: 2 – 8MHz
samsung ultrasound probe



  • Small animal abdomen, Heart
  • 92° FOV
  • Frequency: 4 – 9MHz
samsung ultrasound probe



  • Small parts
  • 38.4mm FOV
  • Frequency: 3 – 16MHz
LA3- 16 ai samsung ultrasound probe



  • Small parts
  • 90° FOV
  • Frequency: 2 – 4MHz
LA4-18b am samsung ultrasound probe



  • Cardiac, Abdomen
  • 68° FOV
  • Frequency: 2 – 8MHz
PA3-8B samsung ultrasound probe



  • Cardiac
  • 92° FOV
  • Frequency: 4 – 9MHz
PA4-12 samsung ultrasound probe



  • Cardiac
  • 38.4mm FOV
  • Frequency: 3 – 16MHz
CW6 samsung ultrasound probe

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