veterinary samsung ultrasound HS40

The superb image quality, streamlined performance, and intuitive interface of the Samsung HM70A with Plus make it an excellent asset whenever veterinary ultrasound studies are required. For a veterinarian, tools like this are especially useful for diagnosing the most subtle abnormalities in animal anatomy. With multiple display features and exceptional responsive control, it’s an almost indispensable tool for veterinary imaging, meaning that owning a compatible probe is essential.

An Elementary Guide To Samsung Veterinary Ultrasound HM70A Compatible Probes

The HM70A with Plus is compatible with an assortment of transducers for various applications. The following four are each carried by and function ideally for veterinarians in a number of clinical situations. Depending on your immediate needs, any of these could pair well with HM70A machine you have.

The CA2-8AD

This is a standard convex array probe primarily suited for the abdominal and cardiac regions of larger animals. With a 68° FOV and a frequency of 2-8 MHz, it provides excellent scope and penetration for those more challenging cases.

The CF4-9

A high frequency microconvex transducer, perfect for imaging the abdomens and hearts of smaller animals. The 92° Field Of Vision makes it ideal for forming a more complete and precise picture in heavily layered and intricate areas of the body. At 4-9 MHz, it has plenty of range to power through tissue while displaying high resolution images.

The LA3-16AD

For an even closer look, this transducer allows you to focus on the most superficial structures in small animal abdomens such as the small intestine and kidneys. The Field Of View is narrowed to just 38.4mm, which limits your penetration but gives you incredibly high resolution images. With a frequency of 3-16 MHz, it’s one of the most powerful transducers you can add to your arsenal.

The P3-8

Finally, this phased array transducer offers excellent cardiac imaging capabilities using advanced features like continuous wave doppler. With a 90° FOV and 3-8 MHz frequency, it’s versatile enough to image the hearts of both small and large patients. Expect a high frame rate image that is sensitive enough to capture abnormalities in the fast beating hearts of our furry friends.

Quality Technology for Veterinary Professionals

Ultrasound technology is a fantastic tool for any veterinary practice. Keeping pets and other animals comfortable while gaining a visual insight into their anatomy opens doors that other medical technology simply can’t. With the HM70A, that insight comes with top notch image quality and an intuitive interface, which combined with the right probe makes for a streamlined procedure.

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