Aloka Prosound Alpha 7

The Prosound Alpha 7 is a powerful, friendly and compact ultrasound system.  It realizes efficient examination through high-definition images, ease of use and flexible data management.  It inherits the proven technologies and functions of Aloka’s high-end product, yet offers outstanding mobility.

The alpha 7 has built-in post processing boosts productivity which allows to quickly scan patients and later recall the studies to make measurements or enhance the images for better diagnostics.


  • EFV( Extended Field of View)
  • Real Time DOP Auto Trace
  • Free Angular M-Mode
  • Flow Profile
  • TEI Index
  • DICOM Network Communication Software
  • eTracking
  • TDI( Tissue Doppler Imaging)
  • CHE( Contrast Harmonic Echo)
  • DICOM-Structured Report Software
  • Spatial Compounding
  • (Speckle reduction)
  • KI/A-SMA( Kinetic Imaging, Automated Segmental Motion Analysis)

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